We provide a variety of traditional Bouzouki sets.

The reason why Kalis & Co. Bouzouki strings are the choice of many professional, semi-professional and enthusiast Bouzouki players is that they offer great tone and longevity at a affordable price. Not only that but the ball end sets are extra long to fit most Bouzoukia with the plain steel Kalis Bouzouki strings featuring a special Lock Twist to maintain stable tuning.


Bouzouki StringsLoop end sets are extra long to fit most instruments. The loops are a special shape to fit a variety of tailpieces. Plain steel strings feature a special Lock Twist to stay in tune.

You can look forward to a great sound and longevity from these brilliant manufactured strings.

Wound strings are bronze wound on steel.





PLEASE NOTE that this set is intended for the Greek Bouzouki, tuning CFAD.


‘D’- .011- .011

‘A’- .014- .014

‘F’- .022- .011

‘C’- .028- .011

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