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The Workshop Gallery

Kalis & Co. International offers a full repair and restoration service workshop using the finest and latest methods, techniques and principals in repairing and restoring every kind of stringed musical instruments, regardless of its condition.

Bouzouki Construction Gallery

The construction methods of the Bouzouki, as well as related instruments of the tamboura family are quite similar. We will therefore make reference to certain construction stages using the lauto as the model but it would be appropriate to apply it to the other instruments with certain specific variations.

Unique Soundboards Gallery

The soundboard is made of white wood with consistent and straight wood grain pattern from trees such as spruce (ELATO) or pine (PEFKO).

Bouzouki Restorations Gallery

Our restorations can go beyond regular Bouzouki repair practices. We can repair ground-coats when traces of the ground-coat have been destroyed, we can apply a new ground, strip badly damaged or “melted” varnish, apply varnish, remove linseed oil from the wood, replace major parts such as neck, table, ribs or back.

New Bouzoukia Gallery

Our passion for musical instruments from every part of the world has been our inspiration in tracking accessories and other supplies for the discriminating musician and for master luthier worldwide. Our objective is to offer our clients quality items, accessories, tools, strings etc., at low prices by cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to you.