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Our passion for musical instruments from every part of the world has been our inspiration in tracking accessories and other supplies for the discriminating musician and for master luthier worldwide. Our objective is to offer our clients quality items, accessories, tools, strings etc., at low prices by cutting out the middleman and passing the savings on to you.

We offer a limited warranty on everything that leaves our warehouse and workshop, therefore offering you peace of mind and firm assurance as to the quality of our products. In addition, we offer custom services on string manufacturing giving our corporate clients an opportunity to produce their own strings for all kids of instruments, from guitars, violins, banjos, mandolins, bouzouki and other types of international instruments, at low costs and based on your specification.

Area of Expertise

InstrumentsWe provide authentic handmade Greek Bouzouki hand made by Kalis & Co. The neck is made of soft wood such as lime-tree or linden tree wood, mahogany, basswood or other similar types of soft wood while the soundboard is made of white wood with consistent and straight wood grain pattern from trees such as spruce (ELATO) or pine (PEFKO).

We provide high quality, long lasting instruments that will satisfy any virtuoso. » More

StringsThe reason why Kalis & Co. Bouzouki strings are the choice of many professional, semi-professional and enthusiast Bouzouki players is that they offer great tone and longevity at a affordable price.

Wound strings are nickelplated steel wound on steel.

You can look forward to a great sound and longevity from these brilliant manufactured strings. » More

RestorationsWe repair and restore all types of Bouzoukia to its original condition. We are able to restore any vintage of Bouzouki from the early 1900′s and up to todays modern vintages, bringing them back to their original state.

We can also repair a multitude of damages, as we are fully knowledgeable and equipped to re-manufacture any damaged or missing parts. » More

Video CoursesWe provide a 5 part Video course. Our course is designed to teach you everything you need in order to become a professional bouzoukist. This course provides exercises for both left and right hand. This is the basis of becoming a professional player.

A must for all. The course includes 3 books and three sets of bouzouki strings. » More